About & Biography

Fletcher’s work is a celebration of the natural world, but also a celebration of paint itself.

Nature’s exuberant characters and colours as seen in exotic bird-life inspire him, while more recently he has been drawn to the more domestic beauty of the birds and plants in his own rural garden.

Paint is fascinating through its textures, its colours, its freedom and looseness. His work explores the ‘object’ of paint has much as it explores the ‘subject’ of nature.

‘Fletcher Prentice’s paintings are a wonderful display a fluidity and confidence with oil combined with a meticulous eye for detail. He is interested in shape, colour and the natural world along with the material qualities of paint, enjoying its texture as he uses it to build form. His paintings often take on two contrasting themes – one is still life, such as with cutlery or crockery, laid out neatly in grids, the other more prominent is bird and plant life. These paintings are made up of tangled foliage, plumage and colour, his loose painting style describes the constantly shifting movement, nature at its best. His works are often described as reminiscent of the classical murals from ancient Rome, large in scale, soft yet strong in colour and rich in detail” (Sarah Wiseman).